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"Amazing company"

Wendy really knows how to build a pool! They came highly recommended to us but before we signed, we called some people from her list of references(4+ pages!) Their responses to our questions were very helpful and therefore we went through with the build. The work was done in three weeks and we couldn't be happier. All the subs were very professional and helpful. My husband was in construction for 40 years and even he was impressed by all the subs! We now have an oasis in our own backyard thanks to Wendy and her team. Thank you so much!

"Great people, high quality,great price. Amazing"

You will not find a better pool builder in the state of Ga. Wendy knows how to build, design, and manage your pool build. She keeps you on budget and in my case under budget which I used for upgrades. Her team is great. Taylor and Kristen are on top of things. I could not be happier with my experience.



"Our Pool is Amazing!"

I cannot say enough good things about Wendy and her team! We had great communication with everyone. Taylor especially was and still is very helpful and attentive. We are very pleased with the work done and besides the weather related delays everything went really smoothly. We came in below budget on everything except decking because we added more square feet. Even with the added decking we were barely over our initial proposal. Our pool is beautiful and more than we could have imagined. We would use them again in a heartbeat!

"Great Experience I'd Recommend to Anyone"

I had a great experience with Wendy and her team throughout my complete selection and complete build process. Wendy is extremely quick to action and manages the contractors closely. She delivered a beautiful pool that required tree removal, major excavation into a hillside, over 150 ft of dry stack stone walls and landscaping. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The most incredible part was that it was completed in 5 weeks from trees falling to us jumping in. The closest competitor told me it would take 3 months to complete.

"Look No Further!!"

If you are looking for a quality pool, excellent customer service and an expert in the business then look no further. I have been working with Wendy and her team on several projects over the years and I am extremely satisfied with the way she handles her business. I truly appreciate the passion she has  when it comes to designing pools and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a pool developed, designed, installed, repaired, maintained, etc. NO JOB is too big or too small from my experience.

"Look No Further!"

If you are looking to build a pool, this is the company to use. I am a contractor myself so I know good contractors from bad ones. This company is top notch. All of the sub contractors used to build my pool were the best in the business. In fact they are the same contractors used by most pool companies in the area, they told me that themselves. The only difference is you pay a lot less with "Build Your Own Pool of George" because Wendy charges a flat fee to build your pool and does not mark up any of the contractors work! With most other pool companies you pay the pool company for the work so you can't tell how much the mark up is. Here you are paying the sub contractors as they finish their work. Thank you Wendy for my dream back yard for much less than the other guys!

"A Resort in Our Backyard!"

Build Your Own Pool of Georgia has done an incredible job of building a resort in our backyard. This was our first experience at having a pool built and Wendy and her team were outstanding and very professional. We couldn't have asked for a better group of subcontractors to work with. They worked very closely with us and made some great suggestions that made our pool and backyard turn out better than we had envisioned. Wendy was always available for questions (and we had lots of them) and she was always prompt in returning our calls and getting us what we needed. I would highly recommend Wendy and her team to build and design your dream pool and backyard! You will be very pleased!!!

"2 years and still receiving excellent service!"

I can perhaps understand that this may not be for everyone, however we did this with our pool and could not have ever expected such a wonderful experience. We used Build Your Own Pool of GA and they are top notch. The design blew us away (far better than the cookie cutters presented by the local builders), the water features, suggestions on equipment (drinking water pool vs. corrosive salt pool). Our "consultant" was there every step of the way, she designed our pool, scheduled it, helped us select materials we never thought we could afford. The bids from the local guys were $75,000 to $80,000 we built our pool/spa for $52,000 and got so much more than the other guys even offered us. We were advised this company used the same subcontractors as the pool companies, and she was right, they do, because I saw all of these guys at my neighbors as they were building with a local pool company. They contracted before we did, if they would have found build your own pool, they too could have saved thousands! I just felt I needed to give a "fair" review of how well this can work if you use the right person. OUR pool has been completed since July 2009 (and it was built in about 3 weeks), and we have had no problems, our consultant still contacts us with winter updates, warnings of "freeze" and advises us as to what to do with our pool. Service after the "sale" is INCREDIBLE! I've got to say I never expected the service to continue past the completion of the pool!

"Fantastic Service and Results"

My wife and I can't say enough about Build Your own Pool and Wendy Cory. She truly looks out for customers and delivers results. The pool is better than we expected and we’ve never worked with someone who cared more about her customers than Wendy. Her honesty and integrity exceeded our expectations time and time again. Thanks Wendy we would not have been able to build a pool without you!


Gary & Melissa

"Our Dream Pool--Perfection!"

It's amazing to me how Wendy listened to what we wanted in our pool and asked just the right questions to design our dream pool. When I saw the video design of what we expressed, I was amazed, but then when the dream became reality before my eyes within 3 weeks of first breaking ground, I am totally blown away. The process went very smoothly and quickly considering all the different contractors Wendy coordinated to get our pool done-and scheduling around the several rain days we had as well. Wendy was very quick to answer all of our millions of questions and was so patient with us, too. She is still available to hold our hands even though the pool is complete and has been so kind to continue to answer our questions since construction is done. We are very pleased with our pool--it's absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend that you have your pool designed and built by Wendy and her team of professionals. You will NOT be disappointed!

"WOW! Amazing Service"

I can't thank Wendy at Build Your Own Pool of Georgia enough. IF it were not for her company we could not have the beautiful pool we built. Our pool was completed in under 4 weeks, and it is just perfect. We were given quotes from pool companies in excess of $100,000! (ouch, we could not begin to pay that for a pool right now). For under $60,000 we were able to build a beautiful swimming pool, spa and natural stone decking area. WE feel we got the best equipment on the market (in-floor cleaning system, Heat Pump, Computer controller, lighted jets and bubble fountains). Our backyard is now a resort. We did not have one single issue. When Wendy met with us about the pool, she expressed, "it is construction" things can go wrong if they do I'll walk you through it". This scared us a bit, but her honesty got her the job. I can honestly say there was not one thing we are not totally happy with! WE love our pool, our yard is beautiful, the process was quick and simple. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to build a pool (even if price were not a factor) they are in and out and clean up behind themselves! All the subs who worked on MY pool were a pleasure to be around! Thank you for our pool!...

"Finally a company who did MORE than promised"

I have had many construction projects at my home in Acworth over the past year. (most of which have been quite a nightmare) I was prepared to go through the same thing with a pool company in order to give my family a swimming pool by summertime. I must say it was uneventful (as far as problems go) it was quite impressive to have someone show up every day! The pool was completed in a very timely manner and every contractor was a pleasure to have over. My wife who usually avoids the contractors was making lunches for them and learning about swimming pool construction. We were asked who our favorite contractor was on a survey and I have to honestly say "every one of them"! Thank you Build Your Own Pool for doing what you promised! (and then some)



"Great Experience and Fabulous Pool for the Price"

I am in McDonough and was somewhat skeptical at first. After meeting Wendy she was very professional. Wendy was very helpful in deciding on the travertine coping and tile; absolutely awesome. I cannot say enough about all subcontractors associated to Build Your Own Pool of Georgia. Everyone answered my many questions and were professional in every way. Feel free to come look at my pool at any time. Enter the deck from the driveway to avoid dogs; landscaping in progress. We cant wait for spring.


Travis Barnell

1107 Sutton Drive

Mcdonough, GA

"More for my money"

After a long process of interviewing swimming pool companies and trying to figure out who was giving me what and what exactly the final price would be for everything, a friend of mine suggested Build Your Own Pool of GA, he told me that this company built a pool for a neighbor and completed it in 2 weeks. (this was hard to believe after being quoted 6-12 weeks on everything else), I called and was surprised when the price came in about 1/2 for MORE pool than I was being offered anywhere else. My equipment package was highly upgraded, my materials upgraded (I received travertine for less than BRICK!) My pool took about 21 days to complete and I am very pleased with it!

Thank you Wendy for the pool of our dreams!

"We saved over 50% and got a better pool!"

I was skeptical at first, but this company did more than promised, they built our pool for $31,000 when all other bids were between $55,000 and $75,000 for a lesser pool! We were not able to pay the higher price and would have had to give up our dream of a pool in our backyard if it were not for Build Your Own Pool of Georgia. WE received more than we ever thought possible and our pool is so easy to maintain! Thank you to everyone at this company, you really do deliver MORE than what you promise. (our pool was complete in LESS than 3 weeks!) truly amazing!


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